Phuket Airport – Activities after arrival and before departure

Phuket International Airport is almost the only way to get to the island quickly and comfortably. Its terminals handle both international and domestic flights, making it Thailand’s second-largest airport in terms of traffic. The international airport is located near Mai Khao beach (more about best beaches in Phuket), just 34 km from the old town of Phuket Town. The first terminal opened 20 years ago. Over the years, it has grown noticeably, the quality of service has improved, and the qualifications of the staff have improved.

Aero Terminal.

Phuket Airport in Thailand is not so large, it consists of one three-story building and a pair of terminals serving local as well as international flights respectively. The arrival halls are located on the first floor, for departures the second floor of the building is allocated. It is difficult to get lost here; the terminal for local flights is on the right, for international flights – on the left. Nearby is the fascinating and exciting Waterpark Splash Jungle.

Phuket Airport

Phuket Airport from a bird’s eye view

Phuket Airport online board


With this online scoreboard, you can monitor all flights in real time, which takes into account the arrival and departure times of each aircraft and its possible delays. The name of the airline serving is also displayed. The online board is provided by the service Yandex.Timetables.

what to do after you fly to Phuket airport

After arrival, passengers enter a long hallway leading directly to the baggage claim area. Passengers on international flights will have to go through passport control before they can claim their luggage. The Dutu-Free outlets are located behind the baggage hall and near the baggage conveyor.

In case of a lost item situation, there are counters in the lounges where the affected passenger can leave a statement to find and return the lost item. In the application, the airport employee will ask for personal information, information about the lost suitcase and the address of your residence in Thailand. A copy of the completed form is given to the owner of the luggage. You can use the document number to check the fate of your baggage directly at the hotel reception desk.

Phuket Airport Scheme - Ground Floor

Phuket Airport Scheme – first floor arrivals terminal (Photo:

The first floor of Phuket Airport has a hotel reservation area, several small stores offering drinks and snacks at minimal prices. In these same stores you can also buy a local SIM card, but it will cost much cheaper in town. There are several ATMs in the halls where you can cash international cards in local currency. Exchange cash for baht offers an exchange office near the exit of the arrival hall, the exchange rate is not different from the beach, you can safely change it. There are cab drivers, a bus stop, several cafes with local cuisine and a smoking area with garbage cans and benches near the exit.

What to do before you fly to Phuket airport


To enter the check-in area located on the second floor of the building, you need to go through a metal detector and a scanner. After this procedure passengers enter the check-in hall. A huge online display shows the flights and check-in desk numbers and the desks are identified by brightly colored license plates, so you can easily see them.

You can also check in at the airport at any time.

Phuket Airport Scheme - Second Floor

Phuket Airport Scheme – second floor departure terminal (Photo:

Passengers on international flights have the option to refund the VAT Refund tax after they pass through passport control. For departing passengers on the second floor there is a huge food court, stores with food and souvenirs, if guests did not have time to buy gifts for friends and relatives. There are stores and cafes in the domestic flights waiting room too, but there is no Duty-Free here. You can drink water for free in one of the many coolers. The prices in all stores are in baht, so it is worth leaving some local currency for the day of departure to take your breath away while waiting for your flight. The third floor is allocated for ticket offices, airline offices and employee rooms at Phuket airport.

The third floor is dedicated to cashiers, airline offices and staff rooms.

How to get to Phuket Airport


How to get to Phuket Airport should not be a problem for tourists or Thais. There are no problems with transportation. The buses go without problems route buses (you can order at the site 12 Go Asia), shuttle buses, and passengers in a hurry, who prefer maximum comfort, can easily get to the hotel or guesthouse by one of the cabs sniffing around the island. Also you should consider that in comparison with other regions of Thailand, the fare to the airport of Phuket or here will not be cheap. For the comfort of guests often organize transfers from hotels, it is worth using the service, because it is often cheaper than a cab, although noticeably more expensive than the bus. You can book a transfer from the hotel to the airport and vice versa using the form below:

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Phuket Airport – Activities after arrival and before departure

Phuket Airport – Activities after arrival and before departure

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