The pros and cons of the best copywriting exchange ContentMonster

Any freelancer who practices writing and copywriting, in order not to “lose with nothing” when making orders with unknown people, needs the third party, who acts as a notary, who guarantees the order and the consequent payment. In this case, the “notary” is the proven best copywriting exchange ContentMonster (refer to the site). There are over 10,000 registered authors and customers all together on this exchanger.

After working at the Copywriting and Rerating Exchange ContentMonster both as an author and as a customer, I decided to share it with my readers and tell them about its pros and cons, and also about the features of the work.

ContentMonster Copywriting Exchange

A registration form for customers and authors

Customer Registration on ContentMonster


Let’s say that you have your own travel blog, but you lack time for writing articles or have creative crisis, it’s time to use the services of the best copywriting exchange ContentMonster!

It offers good conditions for customers of articles, let’s discuss them. After registration in the exchange, you do not need to make any enrollment fees, you only need to fill in the personal data and information about yourself.

Copywriting exchange ContentMonster for customers


  • absolutely no transaction fees (unlike Advego and other exchangers), the commission is taken from the authors.
  • Bonus points awarded for each order completed by the authors, which can be spent on new orders.
  • Ability to choose the payment both in rubles and in dollars (I, for example, did not like Advego exchange just because of the payment in foreign currency – unnecessary costs of conversion).
  • Quite a lot of settings for the terms of the order, as well as the presence of a built-in tool for checking the uniqueness of the text.
  • Quite a lot of information about the copywriters willing to fulfill your order – the rating in the copywriting exchange ContentMonster, positive and negative feedback, portfolio, marks for the completed Russian language exam, etc.
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  • Fast customer support and fair arbitrage, which will help you get your money back in case you don’t like your order. In this case, the copyright exchange will refund you 120% of the order value.
  • Ability to place an order at the exchange with a zero balance, but with the author’s confirmation of the proposal.

Copywriting Exchange ContentMonster

The appearance of the requester’s profile

Copywriting exchange ContentMonster disadvantages for customers

There aren’t many disadvantages for customers here, I’d say it’s a paradise for them.

  • Rare server crashes at the copywriting exchange ContentMonster – from time to time the error 503 will pop up, but it lasts only a minute, but there is still a risk to lose changes in the order when you save it.
  • Long accumulation of bonus points, for the paid 100 rubles they give 1 point bonus. They can only be exchanged for rubles when the accumulation of 100 points and then spend only on executing orders.
  • There is no support for telegraphs.
  • No support for formatting tags in the order editor, as a result of which the text is monotonous, I have to put more indentation.

Tips for working with authors on the ContentMonster copywriting exchange

In my experience I’d like to give some tips for working with authors to whom you entrust your articles.

  1. Study the authors who offer to fill your order at the copywriting exchange. Pay attention to their rating and reviews, as well as the number of people who added it to the white or black lists, ideally – the rating should be high, with no more than 5 bad reviews out of 100 positive. Also, look carefully at the portfolio (if any).
  2. Use the built-in “checker” uniqueness on the exchange ContentMonster and set it to 90% – not lower! This will save you from unnecessary verification of your order by a third-party “checker” such as Advego Plagiatus.
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  4. After you submit your order, check it with the same Advego Plagiatus, the uniqueness and originality must be at least 90%, if less, return the order for revision.
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  6. If you are satisfied (not satisfied) with the work of any copywriter, I recommend you to add him to the white (black) list. In the case of the white list, over time you will accumulate a troop of authors with whom you can work more comfortably than with unverified ones.
  7. Recharge your balance on the copywriting exchange only through the purse WebMoney, he has the lowest commission for the transfer.
  8. In order not to re-fill a new order every time, click the button “Clone the last order,” in this case you only need to change the terms of the order.

Registering authors on ContentMonster


The conditions for the authors on the copywriting exchange ContentMonster are not heavenly, but most freelancers still choose it, so you can work there (however, I saw it myself). Let’s evaluate this exchange from the author’s point of view.

Copywriting exchange ContentMonster for authors

  • No initial fees (unlike the freelance exchange “Workzilla”).
  • Rating system – the higher the rating, the more attractive you are to customers and the more orders you have.
    Access to a copywriting school designed by ContentMonster, so you can gain more knowledge and gain more recognition from your customers.
  • As said, this is a fair arbitrage, which, in case of a disagreement after submitting the order, resolves the issue in your favor (if, of course, you have a really high quality text)


  • The ability to withdraw money in both dollars and rubles. Withdraw money in rubles if you live in Russia, and in dollars – if in a foreign country, for example, during wintering in Thailand.
ContentMonster Copywriting Exchange

Appearance of author profile

Copywriting exchange ContentMonster disadvantages for authors

Unfortunately there is a “fly in the ointment” for authors – the fact that ContentMonster copywriting exchange strives to outdo its competitors by the quality of the authors they select, thus setting strict demands to them.

  • If the arbitration decided the disagreement is not in your favor, not only will you write the order in vain, but you will also be fined a small amount. If you get a lot of complaints from customers, you will be blocked.
  • Copywriting exchange ContentMonster charges authors and currently amounts to 20% of the order, but in practice this does not stop them.
  • You will not be allowed to work until you pass the Russian language exam, which consists of 30 questions, in which you must score more than 75 points out of 100 (I, for example, scored 86 points in the 9-minute exam).
  • The second part of the exam – you need to do a rewrite article consisting of 1000 characters. It will take you 10-20 minutes of personal time.

I’d like to add that the last two points are minuses for authors, but pluses for copywriters!

Tips for working with customers on the ContentMonster exchange

From my own experience I’m giving you some tips about working with customers on the ContentMonster copywriting exchange.

  1. Take your exam seriously, your further work at the exchange depends on it, because customers can see the results of your exams. And if you fail the exam, you will only be allowed to retake it after 3 months.
  2. After you successfully pass the exams, carefully fill in the information about yourself and your portfolio, set the prices for the copywriting and rewriting that you will work with.
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  4. Select the topics you’re most familiar with, this will make it easier to write the copywriting, and maybe you’ll find some copywriting for yourself.
  5. Before you offer your work to the customer on the copywriting exchange, carefully examine the reviews left by other authors. If there is a lot of negative feedback, you should pass by. If there is no or almost no feedback, it is better not to take on a volume of work.
  6. Frequently withdraw money to the wallets and do not leave there more than 150 rubles or $ 5 (minimum withdrawal amounts).


The prices for the repricing and copywriting on the ContentMonster exchange


As for the prices at the copyright exchange ContentMonster, before the ruble devaluation the copyright was at an average price of 35 rubles per 1000 symbols, and copywriting – 70 rubles, but now the authors don’t want to get even 50 rubles for the repraits. Based on that, we can assume that at this moment the price of the repwrite is 60 rubles, and for the copywriting – 100 rubles.

All the authors can be understood – they are free-lancers, the majority of whom live abroad (for example, in Thailand), and the ruble collapse affected them very much.

Partner program of the copywriting exchange ContentMonster


Another fat plus for both customers and authors, which I did not describe above, is earnings through the affiliate program. You can bring in new writers and you will get 30 roubles for each 3 orders placed, and if you bring in new clients, you will get 25% of your regular income from each of them!

Reviews of the ContentMonster

copywriting exchange

When I was studying the reviews of the ContentMonster copywriting exchange on the Internet I noticed that both from the customers and from the authors they were very contradictory. Some authors say that it’s impossible to work there, while others say that it is better than Adwego. Personally, I as an author, the exchange is quite satisfied, but slightly strained by the disadvantages described above, and customers are so lepota! In any case, you can read the reviews of authors and customers of ContentMonster below, and leave your own.

Thank you for your attention, and good luck earning money from copywriting!